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Random Key Bunch On the Road

Ready to head out the front door but can’t find your car keys in the obvious places you leave is a common issue. Chances are, maybe the keys fell through a corner of your bag. Having to find your lost car keys right when you need them is one of the worst things to be happening at any hour of the day.

So, to aid you with all these issues, our experts have shortlisted the most effective ways you can retrieve your lost car keys and never lose them again. Therefore, read till the end without skipping to keep your car keys intact.

Ways To Find Lost Keys

Random Key Bunch On the Road

There are a few different ways you could track your keys to a car or any other thing to prevent them from losing. This is one of the most frustrating things to happen when you are either in a parking lot, office or at someone’s house.

Therefore, some of the most efficient ways to remember where you may have put your keys apart from their designated spot and the common places are mentioned down below –

Replacement Keys At Home

Having keys to replace the ones you mostly use is a good way to worry less about being locked out. In cases of emergencies, you will not have to search for the lost keys.

After having looked for the keys at all of the most obvious places you leave them, stay calm and think and look through all your keys to make sure you did not just look past them.

It is suggested you have a system of categorizing most keys. This helps you know which keys belong together in a group and makes it easily accessible, as well as enabling you to easily grab and go.

Leave Spare Keys With Friends

In case of your absence in an unfortunate event, access to your car or your apartment may be needed. Leaving spare car keys with your friends, neighbor, or family members in most cases can be a life savior at times.

It is necessary to realize that having your keys available with someone you truly trust can save you from many unfortunate events. Leave your details and store away some of your essentials along with an extra key on a key ring with people you trust. Make sure they are near your house or location to minimize time searching for keys at any crucial moment.

However, make sure nobody gains access to them without your consent and permission. Knowing you have extra keys with someone trustworthy will save you the time you otherwise spend finding keys at the same place they usually are.

Assistance From The Car Keys Local Dealer

When you are absolutely certain you have a missing item such as your car key, after you search anywhere it probably should be; your best bet is to ask for assistance from our ASAP Locksmith experts.

Only a phone call away, we are available for you at any time. It is a common issue to forget where the last time you left your car key at.

It is a similar case with most people who tend to lose their keys to have it slip out of their pockets, lose it at the office or a guest’s house, or any other different places.

It makes it all the more important and worth checking all of your stuff that hasn’t been searched, such as any other pocket in your bag.

In such cases, it is a good idea to decide to get help from a locksmith you can trust near you. We can remake your lost key on the spot in no time and grant you access to your place or cars. This is why you should have our locksmith’s contact saved on your phone for emergency purposes.

Clean Up The Area

Lost keys can be found if you simply clean up the surrounding space. First, check whether you have kept the keys at the door or in your pockets. If you can’t find them, then go searching in the room you have been recent.

This is the place where there are chances for you to locate your key. However, the best way to find lost keys is to clean up the area and make the space clear for better viewing.

It’s one of the most effective tips to search for lost keys or any other items. Yet, if you still can’t retrieve your keys, you can surely call us to aid you with this matter. If you want, we can also make a new set of keys for you.

How To Prevent Losing Car Keys And Other Things?

Lady forgot her keys inside the car

To put yourself out of the misery of having to find lost car keys, among other lost things, try using the context reinstatement method and have a mental image of your day. Once you have had time to think everything through, start searching by retracing your steps.

While rethinking your day, don’t allow your false memory to misguide you into thinking you have more than enough time to find your keys. Your keys are supposed to prevent any unfortunate incident from happening and keep you safe.

Some efficient ways to prevent losing your car key or any other things from missing are mentioned down below. These ideas will help you not lose your belongings again and find them again. Some methodical ways to do so are –

Smart Key Ring Or Keyfinders

There are several different types of GPS trackers available in the market to help you find lost car keys or other small items that you may potentially lose at some point. These trackers are very small in size and available in various different appealing shapes, sizes, and colors to accessorize your keys.

These are not only for keys. You can use these trackers attached to your phone, wallet as well as keys too. The tracker connects via Bluetooth to phones and shows you real-time locations and the history of where the item has been at. With a small hole on the device, it conveniently passes a string through that you can hook onto your item.

These small gadgets come in handy and minimize searching time and allow you to quickly find your keys whether you left the keys at home or anywhere else besides the common places. Gadgets like these are discreet and

Keep The Keys In A Big Chain

Store your car keys in a big chain to prevent them from losing. This is pretty helpful because you have all the keys compiled in one chain.

Therefore, there are fewer chances of losing them. Moreover, you can have all the keys in one place, so you won’t need to individually look for your keys.

However, make sure that you keep these big keychains in a secured place so that you don’t lose them in any way possible.

If you want, you can also tell your family members or roommates about the place you’ll be keeping the key chain. In this way, you’ll not lose the keys at home.

Always Check Before You Leave

One of the reasons that most people lose their keys is because they forget to check before they leave their homes.

So, always check your pockets or purse before you leave. Sometimes you can even leave the keys in your car too. Therefore, remember to take out the keys from your vehicle before coming out.

However, if you still face issues with your keys, our ASAP Locksmith experts are always there to help you out.

Bottom Line

So, after going through this blog, you should now know all the ins and outs of how to find lost car keys. Although, if you still can’t find your lost keys or need a new replacement, then our ASAP Locksmith experts can help you with this issue.

We have some of the best locksmith specialists who’re available at your service 24/7. Below are our contact details:

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