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Guy Locked Out Of His Car After Losing Keys

Losing car keys is a widespread phenomenon. Back then, it was not a big deal. However, due to the rapid advancement of modern technology, the car lock systems, and the process to replace them have changed.

Replacing your car keys may include some steps depending on your car model and lock system. If you’re a car owner and your car key is lost, and your spare keys are also not accessible, you’re in a bad situation and need urgent help.

We don’t want anyone to fall in these kinds of situations, but if you ever fall in this uncomfortable situation, read our following guide to know what to do if you lose your car keys.

First Things To Do If You have lost Your Car Key

Guy Locked Out Of His Car After Losing Keys

In terms of an older car, traditional car key replacement is not quite a challenging job. As older vehicles have traditional car keys, your local locksmith can probably help you. However, it will not work with newer car models.

If you have a new car with a modern key type, you will have to call the car dealership to make a new key according to your vehicle information. They’ll reprogram this key to your car’s immobilizer.

If you have lost car keys and you don’t have any spare keys, here’s what to do first:

Search Around

When you realize that your car keys are missing, you should try to stay calm instead of panicking. Then it would be best if you looked around your car and the nearby places where you have been. In most cases, keys are often found in nearby places.

If you’re lucky enough to find your keys, you should make a spare key right away. A spare key will help you to avoid these kinds of situations in the future. However, if you can’t find your car key after searching thoroughly, you can follow the next step.

Search Your Vehicle

After you have searched your nearby places, the next thing you should do is to check your vehicle to see if it’s unlocked. People tend to forget the car keys inside the car. If your vehicle is unlocked, you can check inside if it’s in there.

If keys are found, it’s high time to make spare keys. But if you still can’t find your car keys, you can make new keys depending on your car key type. Go to the next step if your car is still locked.

Get Your Vehicle Information

You can either go to a local dealership or an automotive locksmith when you have lost your car keys. In both cases, you’ll need your vehicle information ready. They can’t provide you with a correct replacement key without knowing your car key information, as there are many different types.

You specifically need to know the vehicle identification number (car’s VIN), car model and year, and the type of keycode it uses. All the information can be found easily in your car papers, on the dash, and in the jamb of a side door.

Getting A New Key

You need to decide whether you go to a local car dealership or an experienced locksmith. We recommend a locksmith to save time and money if you have older cars. You can call a locksmith in your current location and get your replacement key.

However, modern car keys are different from traditional car keys. In that cases, you should consider getting in touch with a car dealership. We recommend you contact your replacement car key made by a dealer for better security.

The lost car key Service process of modern cars by the dealership or any car dealer would cost a lot more money than a traditional vehicle with a traditional key. However, if you’re dealing with a new car, a local dealership or car dealer will be your best bet.

Make A Spare Key

Now that you have a key for your car, it would be wise to get a spare key at the beginning. You can also order two replacement car keys from a locksmith or dealership in the first place.

If you have spare keys ready, you won’t have to face this type of hassle again. When you lose or forget your car keys again, you can just use the spare one until you find the original. You can also make another backup key from a locksmith if not found.

Our Suggestions Based On Car key Types

A Picture Illustrating Different Car Key Types

You know that car keys are not the same. One key system is different from another. If you understand some common key types, you can understand how they work and what will be the wise way to get a replacement for yours.

Traditional Key

Traditional car keys are found on old cars or high-end new cars. They are ignition keys, and they crank up the engine with the ignition cylinder.

Traditional keys replacement job is easy; any local car locksmith can replace it. They will come to your location and make a new key in no time. It is very cost and time friendly compared to dealership service.

Car Key Fob

Key fobs are just add-ons to your car keys. Although they can be used to lock and unlock, you still need a traditional car key at one point to start the vehicle.

A lost key fob is not a big deal. If you lost your car key fob, You could still use your standard key to lock and unlock the doors. You can also look for an aftermarket car key fob in online and dealer shops. Programming a new fob is easy, and they don’t cost much.

Key Fob With Switchblade keys

Some key fobs have a key connected to them. So if you lose the fob, you’re unable to drive your vehicle. Without the spring-loaded key inside it, you cannot start your car. Although, not all keys with a fob has a switchblade key inside.

In these situations, you should contact the dealership to replace it. They will reprogram a new fob and a switchblade key for you.

Smart Key

The smart key system includes keyless ignition. It works along with the start button of your vehicle. The proximity sensor helps it to detect if the smart key is present or not. IF the sensor detects the smart key, it turns on the vehicle.

However, one downside is that you’ll need to get your car towed to the dealership if the keys are lost. The replacement job is complicated because the new keys need to be registered on your vehicle system. And it is quite costly to replace.

Transponder keys

The transponder key contains a computer chip in its plastic head. Its working method is quite different. Before starting the car, a wireless connection between the vehicle and the transponder key chip is mandatory.

If anything happens with the transponder key, you need to get your vehicle towed to the dealership. After checking your ownership, they will make a new key for you. Making a new key and pairing it with your vehicle’s computer can take a few days.

Final Thoughts

We understand that losing car keys at in necessary time is quite inconvenient. It can leave you in helpless situations. You can overcome these types of situations if you stay calm and take proper measurements.

ASAP Locksmith is your perfect answer to handle these situations. We provide 24/7 emergency services in the Washington DC area. We understand your urgency; that’s why we focus on quick and efficient work at friendly prices.

Give us a call, and we will send an expert locksmith to your location within 20 minutes! Contact 202-292-4848 for any mobile locksmith service in your area.


Should I be worried if I lost my car keys?

You should not panic in these situations. Stay calm and think about the places you have been and search around. If you’re in a hurry, you can consider calling a locksmith for fast service.

How much for a new key to a car?

Usually, the cost is between 150$ to 500$, depending on your vehicle model and the type of lock you have. You can ask the locksmith or local dealership with your exact model for an accurate estimation.

What to do when my keys are not working?

Check if it’s the right key. Modern keys with the wireless system or keyless ignition system may need some time to work properly, depending on the surrounding. You can call an expert locksmith to help you.

Our expert locksmiths from ASAP Locksmith are trained to help in these situations. Call us at 202-292-4848 for 24/7 locksmith services.

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