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A Euro Cylinder Lock

Imagine how worse it will be to find your home or commercial space robbed while coming back after a weekend trip? This often happens due to inadequate maintenance of the lock mechanism. Cylinder Locks have always been an integral part of a security system.

These locks help to keep us and our essential goods safeguarded if installed properly with a proper locking mechanism. From double cylinder locks and single-cylinder locks to euro cylinder locks, we can find several kinds of cylinder locks. This post will cover the types of these cylinder locks, their benefits, and many more.

What Are The Types Of Cylinder Locks?

You can choose from many different kinds of cylinder locks. Even though their main job is to keep people safe, each one has its features that can be changed to protect the essential things of the homeowner. These are :

Double Cylinder Locks

With double-cylinder locksets, a key can open the door from both the outside and the inside. This means that you need a key to lock or unlock the bolt, even from inside a house or business.

People like double cylinder locks because they can be locked and unlocked from both sides of the door. This makes them more secure. There is no thumb-turn while lock picking, so the door can’t be locked or unlocked without a key.

This lock is mainly used with glass panels of different lengths in commercial properties. Even if the glass is broken from the attached cam with a forced entry, thieves still can’t get in. You can’t open a double-cylinder lock without a key during lock snapping.

Doors that lead outside and have windows often have double-cylinder deadbolt locks because they are more secure. People can’t get into a building through a window if there is a key lock inside the door.

Single Cylinder Locks

A single euro-cylinder lock has a slot for a key on one side and a knob or turning mechanism of some kind on the other. Generally, a thumb-turn that looks like an essential lever and turns in much the same way key would.

Single-cylinder deadbolts, entrance knobs, and handle sets are operated by a key when accessed outside the structure. However, when accessed from the inside of the building, they do not require a key to lock or open the door. On the other hand, the door is secured and unsecured through a lever that resembles a thumb-turn euro cylinder. Single-cylinder locks are more commonly used than double-cylinder locks.

Rim Cylinder Locks

Most of the time, rim cylinder locks are put on by screwing them into the door’s surface. After installation within rim cylinders, the lock’s body can be seen on the shear line of commercial buildings. Most latch bolts are either deadlocking or have a spring that makes them move on the external doors.

The screws here are easy to see and can be taken off with a similar screwdriver. On the other hand, Rim locks can’t handle too strong kicks for critical turns or spring snaps.

Most people choose rim cylinder locks for residential applications because they are reliable and easy to use. Most bathrooms and bedrooms have waves like this one. The extensive spring mechanism and its beautiful look are often used for aesthetic reasons and to prevent burglars.

Euro Cylinder Locks

A euro-cylinder lock also called a pin tumbler, and a barrel lock is a joint lock found in both homes and businesses. The “thumb turn” feature makes it easy to use with many different kinds of locks when you unlock the door for cam releases with small pins.

A Euro Cylinder Lock

There are many different kinds of euro cylinder locks, including full or double euro cylinders, full thumb-turn euro cylinders, single euro cylinders, and half thumb-turn euro cylinders. A Double euro-cylinder lock is a prevalent kind of euro cylinder lock.

The name “double euro cylinder” comes from the fact that it has keys on both ends so that it can be locked and unlocked from either side. This gives you a higher level of safety with solid bolt hardware.

Double euro cylinders are mainly used on uPVC doors as main components made from hardened steel. Full euro cylinders are another name for these models for using the “keyed access’ feature. People like this lock because it can be put on different kinds of doors and is versatile because only the correct key can access it.

Thumb turn locks can be opened by pressing on them with your thumb on a plug. This makes them easier to use in an emergency than other locks. One of the best things about euro cylinder locks is how easy they are to put in and take out. The only things you need to do are the following;

Take out the screw that holds the lock in place. Loosen any screws holding your escutcheon or faceplate over the safety or handles end. To open the lock, put the key in the cylinder and turn it to the left or right as you pull the lock toward you. Here, you are trying to line up the cam so that the lock can slide out of the door.


On the outside doors of private homes, knob locks are often used along with deadbolts. The bolt is pushed into the door frame when the locking cylinder is turned. The bolt can’t be taken out until the locking cylinder is turned back.

Fixation Of A Deadbolt

The most common type of deadbolt in homes is one with a strike plate. There are two ways to turn on the locking mechanism of these locks. On one side is a key cylinder, and on the other is a thumb turn. A double-cylinder wave has an extra key cylinder on either deadbolt side. There is a fire risk because you need the key to open the door from the inside with these locks.

Installing a flip guard can make your deadbolt much more secure. On these clever devices, the deadbolt’s turn knob has a latch that folds over so it can’t insert over the keyed lock. So, you can’t open the deadbolt with a lock pick, a bump key, or even a key from the outside. There is no reason to spend a lot of money on a high-security device that can be set up in minutes.

Mortise Locks

With a mortise lock, two different kinds of locks are put together to make one. A spring latch that doesn’t lock is opened and closed by a lever handle of a keyed cylinder. The deadbolt adds an extra layer of security.

The locks on these mortise cylinders have both a doorknob and a deadbolt. Mortise locks are more complex to install than standard knob locks or deadbolts, but they are much more secure. They can be picked like a standard deadbolt, but they are much harder to break into with force.

Here Are Some Helpful Hints On Installation Of A Cylinder Lock:

  • It will save you time while replacing cylinder locks if you are aware of the type of cylinder lock that is currently installed.
  • It would help if you only got cylinder locks from a reliable organization that has a good reputation in the industry for providing services such as cylinder lock installation.
  • Check with your local municipality to see whether or not cylinder doors are permitted in residential areas, and inquire about the restrictions regulating the use of cylinders on the doors of bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Install cylinder door sets at the height of at least 18 inches from the ground, and whenever it is practicable, use only one cylinder for each knob.

The Benefits Of Using Cylinder Locks

  • Cylinder locks are more user-friendly than those that require a key. Cylinder locks are more secure than mechanical keys.
  • Cylinder locks provide a high level of security when combined with entry doorknobs.
  • If done correctly, a cylinder lock can be installed at a low cost and short period.
  • Regardless of your budget, you may find a cylinder lock that fits your demands and a cylinder lock replacement for any existing cylinder hole.
  • Cylinder Locks are excellent at deterring intruders who try to break in or meddle with the waves.


What Causes A Cylinder Lock To Stop Working?

Many things can cause cylinder locks to stop working.

Many things could cause a cylinder lock to stop working. If a cylinder lock isn’t working right, it could mean that it’s about to break and needs to be replaced. As soon as the cylinder becomes hard to turn or the door opens on its own, you should get a new one.

How Can You Identify A Broken Cylinder Lock?

If a cylinder lock is broken, it will be hard to turn.

If the cylinder lock is broken, you might not be able to turn it.

Because the cylinder locks inside the cylinder doors need to be changed, even if you replace the doorknobs, they will be hard to open.

If water has broken your cylinder locks, you should get new ones as soon as possible.

What Is The Actual Dissimilarity Between The Single Cylinder And Double Cylinder Locks?

A single-cylinder lock can be opened with both a key and a thumb turner on the inside. A double cylinder is better for people who want a door that can be opened from both the inside and the outside.

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